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Shinkyoku no Grimoire The Animation episode 2

A spellbook appears under Eva, who has fallen in the rain and is dying.
She had her grimoire listen to her wishes, a gorgeous mansion, a generous meal, and a doll she had taken care of became a human being, and she admired herself as her sister. Will be.
Eva is fascinated by her spellbook, and she is informed of what she wants.
-I want the magical power of Unico at Olympus Academy …

One day, she hears a new story about the Knights of the Library at the library and exchanges greetings with Miyo.
She is shown a picture of a boy, Adam, who seems to have something to do with Grimoire.

In the back alleys of the town, a pair of men and women were indulging in a fierce affair.
The girl was a urinal woman who had been rumored recently.
A sick man tells her to invite her friend.
When she hears it, the girl’s body changes and she turns into a boy.
It was Adam that Miya was looking for …