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Sei Shoujo The Animation episode 1

A special room at Shirayurigaoka Gakuen. A “female whore” is intertwined with the men on the board.
Naomi Tokizawa watches the situation from the monitor room and smiles.
In fact, this school is also a high-class whore training center to satisfy the lust of VIPs, and Naomi is the infamous “Zegen” employed by the school.
Naomi’s current target is Ayaba Miyamae from the idol group “Three Peace”.
Ayaba called to the rental shooting studio.

Naomi’s weaknesses have made her shoot adult videos many times.
And tonight she finally requested a Gonzo shoot.
Ayaba gets squid at 69 after she is attacked by electric massage machine.
She finally lost her virginity against Naomi in front of the camera …!?