Stepmother’s Sin episode 2


Yusuke’s play to Misako continued to escalate. She was forced to wear skimpy clothes because she was still beautiful, and walked around the city together, playing in a private room in a department store’s toilet, or wearing a wedding dress for a wedding ceremony. She, of course, also uses whips and candles. Tied up and all are natural. Misako said “I don’t like it” and “Help me”, but she gradually couldn’t help without playing with Yusuke.

On the other hand, Shina didn’t realize that the two were in such a relationship. Having a special feeling for her older man due to the early death of her father, she had a romance with her brother-in-law, Yusuke. She attended the same school as Yusuke. Yusuke is envious of his cute little sister. Shina is an excellent rhythmic gymnast and can study. She was an attractive girl to everyone. However, Yusuke was annoyed by the fact that he longed for himself. For such an unreasonable reason, Yusuke asks her to destroy her thoughts.