Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai episode 1


“I can’t reach you far away”
Childhood friends Ryoka Shigen and Ayumu Matsuzono.
Ayumu secretly had a faint love for Ryoka.
Ryoka tells Ayumu that she still meets Yamato Aihara, who helped her previously get entangled from a group in the karate club, and she wants her to go out with her. She told me that she was there.
Ryoka is undoubtedly persuaded by Yamato, and she devotes her unclean body.
A happy first experience, but it was a cunning trap that took advantage of Ryoka’s integrity.
Next to the room, a group of karate clubs were peeking through the whole story, and Ayumu was also confined there.
When she saw Ryoka’s transformation in front of her, her heart was full of madness, and she was disappointed.