Hitozuma Koukan Nikki episode 1


Koichi Ihara lives in harmony with his wife, Kanako, and her daughter, Nao, who have been married for five years.
His family and husband and wife are good, his work is going well, his happy life … I felt something unsatisfactory in his ordinary days.
Koichi is approached by Kimihiko Okano, a resident of the neighborhood with whom he has a family relationship.

“Kouichi-kun, why don’t you have an affair?”

Kimihiko approached Koichi to exchange Koichi’s wife, Kanako, with Kimihiko’s wife, Yukie.
Even though it is an exchange, we will seduce and flirt with each other’s wives while keeping them secret.
At first, Koichi didn’t take it seriously, but while Kimihiko enthusiastically persuaded him, he lost the luscious temptation. The appearance of a wife who goes out for a lie with a smile.
The appearance of a wife who is wandering around with an acquaintance’s husband. The appearance of a wife preparing a meal without awakening her lust.
Koichi’s mind reminds me of myself betrayed by my beloved wife …
The appearance is mediocre, happy, and utters a powerful inferiority that blows away the most boring days.