Yuusha-hime Milia episode 1


Milia, the princess with the looks that could slay, has got herself a special title straight from the heavens! She’s supposed to be invincible, the top dog in town. But man, things didn’t quite go as planned. Originally, that hero gig was meant for the king’s adopted son. But screw that noise, Milia couldn’t stand the guy. So she snatched that title for herself, and to make matters juicier, she even got the creep executed. Yeah, she thought she was justified. I mean, she’s cute as hell and always lending a helping hand. She’s the ultimate heroine, ya dig? But now, things are gettin’ real bizarre for Milia. People are all up in her business, showin’ some seriously strange interest in her. And no matter where she goes, she’s finding herself in these steamy, erotic situations. Milia’s on a quest for answers, grillin’ the staff around her, tryin’ to figure out what the hell is goin’ on and why she’s constantly surrounded by these raunchy encounters. It’s like the world’s gone wild, and she’s stuck in the middle of it, wonderin’ what the actual fudge is happening and why she’s caught up in all this naughty business.