Suki de Suki de, Suki de The Animation episode 1


My older brother who can’t even watch erotic DVDs satisfactorily because his younger sister Natsumi stays in the room.
So, her brother puts sleeping pills in the juice and puts Natsumi to sleep …
Her older brother, who starts watching erotic DVDs while leaving her sleeping Natsumi in bed, gets horny and begins to mess with her Natsumi’s body.
Without knowing that Natsumi just fell asleep … !!

Summer vacation. A man returned to the country for the first time in a few years.
That night, the only thing the man remembers in the futon is her younger sister, Aki, who she met after a long time.
Aki sneaks into her bedroom as the man is in agony. To her confused man, Aki confesses her feelings.
She was a man who refused, but it seems that Aki was touched by her mother’s dating partner and even invited to take a bath.
Aki says, “At least … for the first time … a favorite person …” and the man accepts her feelings !?