Yuusha-hime Milia episode 2


Milia couldn’t help but feel pissed off. As the badass princess hero, she couldn’t wrap her head around why she kept getting into these raunchy situations. It was like her image as a fierce and powerful warrior had gone down the drain. Instead of rocking some badass armor, she was stuck in these tight-ass, uncomfortable bloomers. She was feeling hella confused and irritated. “What the heck is happening? This ain’t how it’s supposed to be,” But things always turned into erotic situation. She then made her way to the academy, seeking information on the coveted treasures that awaited her. But even within the walls of the academy, Milia couldn’t escape the steamy encounters. It seemed like every corner she turned, she found herself in compromising situations, with people ogling her in that tight-ass, tight outfit.