Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei episode 3


Tatsuya instigates a shooting confrontation and forces a blow job to the blonde-rolled lady “Reika” as a reward for winning. He forcibly grabbed her head and went to Deep Throating for the unsuccessful act. With the help of Reika’s surroundings, Suzuka and Ayami, she ruthlessly deflowered.
“Please … only inside … forgive only inside!” Reika shouts. However, it was Tatsuya who poured plenty of seeds into the back of the womb without hesitation.
Another childhood friend “Sayaka” that I decided at the end. Tatsuya, who thinks that only after conquering her can achieve her first step, tries to get Manaka to formulate her numbing medicine in a situation where her feelings are just irritated and unrelenting.
Kanae, who was watching Tatsuya, said, “I will convince Sayaka,” and went to Sayaka. Two people who collide with each other about Tatsuya through discussions between childhood friends.
“I like Tatchan. I want to be with you forever,” Tatsuya replies with a meat stick, telling her honest thoughts. Tatsuya’s seed stick is a critical point for the two childhood friends’ bedding.
Nipples rubbing against each other, chest distorted by distortion. Tatsuya, who is sucking on the appearance of the two people covered in sweat and lewd juice, finally implants a rich offspring into the back of the womb.
Around, the girls in the class unfold a carnal figure of annoying rape …