Ichigo Chocola Flavor episode 1


“Kaede Endo” loves hot springs so much that he goes alone rather than romance, fashion, and study.
Kaede visited “Minekura Onsen”, which is famous as a secret hot spring, and when she thought she was a female hot spring and was soaking in it, she
came in! Maybe mixed bathing !?
She had to put up with it until the old men came out, but she got hot flashes.
I got out of the bathtub and tried to cool down, but my head turned around and I couldn’t think of anything!
At the same time, the old men who were excited by Kaede’s naked body blamed him for a large amount of hot spring juice! The hot
spring ingredients on the top and bottom double the beauty effect !? … ha … sai … ko … u “Sanwa” is a sickness that makes your hair sick just by being touched by others. He threw out despised words and deeds for all students, both male and female. The boys who got angry about it waited for Sanwa to come into the classroom alone to take revenge. Everyone throws the swill into their heads, throws Ji Po that has not been washed for a week into their mouth, strips off the clothes they wore, devours milk, stabs two at the same time in front and back, and smells more than anyone with whole body semen It gets dirty.