Ichigo Chocola Flavor episode 2


“It’s not a virgin!”
Haruka Toyama, who was a virgin, has an image of being a virgin at school, and in
order to dispel it, he wrote “Please take my virgin” on the dating bulletin board and
is unspecified . We are recruiting a large number of men.
When she went to the designated place, more men were waiting than I had imagined.
Her first sex feels so good that she ends up spending all night with everyone there.

Haruno Kamata, the daughter of the landlord of the “Shisen no Mezame”
apartment, is so shy that she can’t even talk to her classmates.
At the request of the landlord who couldn’t see it, Susumu Nakata, an apartment resident, decided to resemble counseling.
Haruno is afraid of being seen, and she tries to get used to being seen in erotic cosplay.
Then, Haruno who gets acme just by looking at her. Yes, she was actually a gaze-pleasing girl!
Then, if she has sex and feels embarrassed to the limit, she may get used to her eyes!