#Ima Made de Ichiban Yokatta Sex The Animation episode 2


“Otaku-kun and Galko-chan (Part 2)”
I was taken to a love hotel by Galko-chan who asked me to take a break.
I wondered what would happen …!?, But Galko-chan, who came out of the shower, quietly entered the bed and fell asleep …
Meanwhile, around that time, a visitor came to Yario-kun and Yuruko-chan.
A chance to lose virginity with a whip meat gal whose gap is too cute, which Mr. Okayu fascinates !!

“Ota-kun and Galko-chan (Part 2)”
Thanks to the aggressive Galko-chan (!?), I can finally have sex!
But she turns out to be a virgin ! Because of her pain, the disposition that kicks me …
But when I ask why I want to have sex with me–.
Meanwhile, around that time, a new visitor came to Yario-kun who finished the 4th round-!?
Sex with a too naive busty gal attracted by Mr. Okayu … ♪