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Kansen 5: The Daybreak episode 3

Ogami Island is a calm and green island in the Seto Inland Sea. It is now a land full of desire and madness.
UNKNOWN-LEVEL4, an infectious disaster that should have converged, recurred here.
Many infected people roamed the streets, and XX plays by them were unfolding everywhere.
Makoto, Ayatsuki, Akane, and Taya were heading through the woods on the outskirts of the city trying to escape from this turmoil.
The group thought that it would be dangerous to go blindly despite the difficulties, and decided to aim for the shrine where Taya’s best friend Rei Murakami is.
The infection spread faster than expected, and infected people were wandering in the seemingly unpopular forest.
And the pheromones released by the young daughter were supposed to teach infected people where to find the finest prey.