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Kimi no Na wo Yobeba episode 1

At my school, there are women who are dispatched from the country to prevent sexual crimes by their students.
There are various reasons why they got such a job. But they have something in common. They have no clothes. Always naked. And they are called by number. Because I don’t know the name.
One day I realized that the girl who processed the lust was her first love child. She used her mouth every day as a sexual desire treatment for men, and she kept holding a cock in her dick and getting anal fucked. Because that’s her job. I thought this was a dream when she saw her. Is it my nightmare? But she was real. And I couldn’t use her girlfriend.
One day, she suddenly started talking to her. She was her old girlfriend without lust processing. But, the complaints of work, treat it more carefully, don’t put it in when it’s not wet, be more careful when putting it in anal … When I heard such a story, I hit the men who are using her unintentionally. I have.
Am I sympathetic to her, or is her first love rekindled? I gave her the uniform she wanted.
She changed her clothes to be shy and was cute. However, such a fun daily life was destroyed in a blink of an eye.
Because her name was known to others. From there she begins to do perverted sexual desire processing like XX.