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Kisaku Spirit: The Letch Lives episode 3

Mr. Kusaki signs a large contract with a major pharmaceutical company, Sugimoto Pharmaceutical, and receives a party invitation from Ayano. He is confused by the eyes around the company, and the demon soul looking into the invitation from behind the plants that think, “This is something wrong. The load is too heavy for me …”. Ayano was advised to call me down, and Shoko and Yuri passed there. The devil’s soul immediately moved to the body of the vegetation, and in the form of a devil, he hung up with a fearless smile, saying, “I understand. I’ll definitely visit you for Ayano.” And he hurriedly leaves the phone booth and follows them.

What is the fate of Shoko and Yuri? ?? And what is the party held at the invited villa! ?? The devil’s soul also gets a meat jar there! ?? What happens to plants! ?? The final volume of the series! ??