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Kuro no Kyoushitsu episode 1

I’m Mahiru Narukawa, a sports scholarship student.
It’s not so much since I started rhythmic gymnastics, but I was lucky enough to come to this Meiran Jogakuen!
All around me were ladies, and I was wondering if it would suit me like me, but I’ve made good friends and I’m working hard so that the whole team can win the next tournament as well!
…… But … That’s it!

It was so miserable that I wanted to kick it off just by remembering it.
He was usually friendly and easy to talk to, and he was good at teaching … I was the first person to think that he should be taught.
So, when my advisor’s teacher was absent, I might have a chance, so I asked for a substitute.
However, it seems that he was the chance …
I thought I was staring at my body … I was a little happy.

But when no one was gone, suddenly …
I desperately resisted, but in the end … The virgin was put in the ass to forgive me,
and I thought she would end, but she continued my first time … She was forced by him … to be a woman …
She was called many times after that … I’m annoyed, but I don’t like it … I’m told that if I go against it, I won’t be able to participate in the tournament, so I …