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Love Colon episode 1

Yui, who works at the “Maid Mania”
maid cafe, thought it was fun to wear cute clothes and talk to customers.
However, he is told by his boyfriend Ma-kun that he is not only enjoying himself when he is wearing a uniform, but also feels like he is in a naughty mode when he sees it.
While confirming each other’s feelings, the first one serves in the mouth, the second one dedicates himself to Ma-kun and finishes vaginal cum shot !!

“Sweet Sweat Part 1”
Erika Kurosaki is a student level at the ace of the tennis club A talented person who surpasses. She has won many national competitions and she has a cute face, so she is a celebrity at school.
She has many boys who join Erika for her purpose, but she quits immediately due to her rant.
Meanwhile, Erika challenges the match to the remaining male member, Midorikawa, saying, “She will listen to whatever she says if she loses.”
The difference in ability was clear, but the ball passed by the side of Erika who was careless.
Erika, who decided her resolution as she promised, exposed her boobs from her bush …