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Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights: Heroine Ryoujoku Shirei episode 1

The screams of monsters echo in the peaceful school city. The Mado Syndicate, with its ambitions to conquer the world, aimed at a peaceful school city as its base. Rinko Nanase and Kanaba Yuki, beautiful girl magic warriors called “Sweet Nights”, stood up to save the girls who were not allowed to resist the monsters and were tampered with. It seemed that the school had regained peace with the success of the two fighting pretty, making full use of various magic.
However, Rinko is captured by the commander Metzer dispatched from Mado Syndicate to defeat the beautiful girl warrior. She shows her indomitable fighting spirit and endures XX and XX, but eventually she culminates in her humiliation due to the relentless blame of her tentacles, Metzer’s alter ego, and Metzer’s own skill. What is Rinko’s new determination to shed tears of her humiliation?