Mebuki The Animation episode 2


Love, a busty game streamer trying to blow up her views, decided to throw a dope offline meetup to gather all her fans. At that damn meetup, there is lowlife piece of trash took advantage of Love and straight-up stole her V-card. Love losing count of how many times she climaxed. It was some twisted, messed up shit that messed with Love’s head. Ever since that messed up incident, Love’s been all up in her feelings, caring way too much about her online rep and what people think. She couldn’t bring themselves to stream no more, stuck in a place of doubt and fear. The passion she had for streaming got crushed by the weight of her past. One day, on the way home from school, Love got approached by this viewer named Kaito. Turns out, Kaito had been digging deep, doing some serious research on Love’s story. Kaito was all about supporting Love, uplifting her, and telling her he got her back.  But, Love couldn’t help but feel some crazy-ass curiosity about Kaito’s *ahem* package, it messed with her head.