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Melty’s Quest episode 1

Black gal princess Meltis succeeds in defeating her sister Dahlia (Black Dahlia) who appeared as an enemy, purifying the dark heart and regaining her sanity.
She was Meltis returning to the country, but her bitch level went up as she continued to fight.
Thanksgiving night.
Her mother, Diavel, brings Meltis and Daria to the church chapel.
There were a lot of masked naked men gathering there.
In fact, Thanksgiving [Night Club] was an orgy party that enjoyed sexual pleasure.
Meltis is already in a state of excitement just by listening to her story.
Her embarrassed Daria is also involved in Meltis and Diavel and goes into an orgy with the men.
Not only the dick but also the mouth and anal were blamed and they were three people who were crazy …