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Mesu Nochi Torare episode 1

The student council president, Reiko, has a good style and a dignified appearance, which is a longing target in the school.
She relies on her vice chairman, Shintaro.
He liked the fact that he was a strong lead regardless of appearance, and Reiko and he were dating.

Two people looking around the school festival offerings. Despite his work, Reiko enjoyed her time alone.
But when she entered her last show, the pitch-black maze, Reiko felt a change in her body.
Shintaro is worried that something is wrong, but Reiko gets stronger.
She tried to get stronger, but her aching body didn’t go away and she got stuck.
A man who takes her Reiko’s arm and guides her to the depths of her maze. Reiko falls in love with Shintaro’s reliability.

Her dependable hands crawl her Reiko’s body in search of her sex.
Reiko’s unstoppable resistance was only in her mouth, and her body was about to accept sex.
Shintaro was looking for Reiko in the dark …