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Nariyuki: Papakatsu Girls!! The Animation episode 1

Chihiro and Eri, a school girl who is fooling around at a hamburger shop after school.
The two of them had an unrelenting conversation, but Chihiro cut it out.
“Actually, I really want to talk to Eri … I wonder if she wants me to ask her worries ~”
Chihiro, who is dissatisfied with the sex with her boyfriend who is dating now, wonders if
she can feel more comfortable. Consult with Eri.
Enco’s experienced Eri really begins to tell her story of a pleasant sex experience.

“Oh yeah, the old man was a big hit during this time ~”
“I didn’t really know how many times I got it ~” “What are you going to
do ~?
At first, Tachihiro, who hated it, became interested in it, and participated only in the tour.