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Onii-chan Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite! episode 1

The older brother of the Onami family lives with four younger sisters, Sora, Akane, Kohaku, and Sumi.
Having suffered from severe asthma when he was little, his daily routine is to “sleep with one of his sisters.”
One day, his parents, who are also his researchers, ordered a demonstration experiment of “immunity improvement by hugging”.
“Hug your sister with love for at least 10 seconds before going to bed every day.”
And if some conditions are not met, it will not be effective.
Aside from the confused older brother, the younger sisters decorated the condition with a frame in the living room as the five rules of hugging a woman.

1. Hug with your sister every day
2. Hug for 10 seconds or more
3. Smell properly
4. If you get away, try again
5. Hug with love

Immediately, try hugging in the sky as a practice.
The softness and heat of the body that gently deposited the weight was transmitted, and my brother was more excited than I expected.