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Oppai Gakuen Marching Band Bu! episode 1

One day, Yuji Ogawara, the main character, is fascinated by the direction of the girls in the marching band club and turns the shutter.
Then, Yuji was mistaken for a voyeur by the surroundings of the club, and after rubbing each other, Yuji had his important camera destroyed!
When he drops his shoulders and returns home, a mysterious bunny girl who suddenly appears forces him to replace his broken camera.
The next day, Yuji receives an offer from the girls in the band led by Otori Mina, “I want you to apologize for something.”

“If you like, I wonder if you can take a picture of everyone again …”
Yuji takes a practice scene with his consent, but something is wrong … The girl’s facial expression is erotic …
Then, the viewfinder of the camera will display “The girl in this camera will be naughty ♪”!
If you’re in heat … You should make it refreshing even with fucking !?

Yuji gets more and more involved while taking pictures of the girls.
A marching band club that has a gentle ace with a flower shape, a Tsun Tsun S girl, and a weak male girl!
How far will the semen from Yuji’s baton march!