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Otaku ni Yasashii Gal toka, Kyonyuu no Osananajimi Toka episode 1

“Kuro Gal-chan and Glasses-kun”
“Shogo Kageura” is an otaku glasses called to a physical education warehouse where female students gather.
Yui, who lost the game, puts in Shogo’s virgin Ji-ko in front of everyone’s eyes and shows that they are united.
And, the mako I felt at that time was aching and I couldn’t control my feelings.
When I see Shogo in the corridor, I take him to the women’s toilet, take off his pants, and suddenly suck.
Overlapping their aching bodies, the two became a couple.

“After that, Black Gal and Glasses-kun,”
Shogo, an otaku glasses, proudly talks about figures in the room.
Yui, who is jealous of her figure, claims that I am her and devours Shogo’s body.
When they confirmed that they liked each other, their feelings overlapped many times while playing with each other’s bodies and feeling each other.
And he announced his promise for the future.