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Otokonoko Delivery episode 1

Kazuya, a salaryman on a long-term business trip to Tokyo.
A sex magazine that I accidentally picked up at a business hotel that I returned to after work.
The story begins when I contact a certain brothel …

Akane (Shun), who received a delivery request, is a man’s daughter.
Her small breasts, and the bulge in her crotch. The secret of Akane that is gradually revealed.
Kazuya is at the mercy of her gentle lead Akane’s play. On the other hand, it was Aoi (Sora), another hero who belongs to the same brothel as Akane,

who saw Kazuya and Akane disappear into the hotel room . At the invitation of Akane, who is skillful in words, the play between male daughters begins in the art room. Contrary to the naive reaction, Aoi’s first experience accepts the stimulus. One day, a ringtone that echoes on Kazuya’s smartphone. Akane and Aoi, beyond what the two boys’ daughters were waiting for …