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Pet Life episode 1

English lessons that are the same as usual. As everyone concentrated on the lesson, only Nodoka Shizumori had an upset color in her eyes.
She is nominated for a reading in English and stands up. At that time, it is unnatural to hold her by hand more than necessary and to worry too much about the line of sight around her so as not to show the inside of her short skirt.
Not surprisingly, she was wrapped in a neat uniform and her body did not wear any of her underwear. It was because she changed clothes in a hurry after her swimming class.
In the seat behind her is her childhood friend Kazuya Mizuno. She feels more than a childhood friend for him. That is why I was desperate not to be exposed.
Thinking that today was the worst day from the morning, Nodoka went to her changing room to pick up her misplaced underwear. She opens the changing room door.
There was Ozaki, who was the cause of the worst time in the morning. Moreover, in his hand was a bra that the soul wore in the morning.
Someone who blushes his face but forcibly regains it. In addition, I leaned forward trying to pick up the pouch containing her underwear.
There is a shutter sound. I was so absorbed in picking it up that I had exposed her bare lower body in front of Ozaki from her short skirt.
I wonder if she has been photographed in an embarrassing part. Ozaki has shortened the distance to the protesting calm enough to understand his breathing.
Then, she was seized by Ozaki’s exposed penis and was robbed of her first kiss, which she had carefully saved for her favorite boy.