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Pretty x Cation 2 The Animation episode 1

[Honami Himekawa]
A warm classmate working at a flower shop in her parents’ house. And my lover, Honami-chan.
She decided to come to her home after school to see what the pansies she had received before.
She is delighted to see the beautifully blooming flowers. However, she suddenly leans against my chest.
“The pansy’s flower language means’think me’…” I
couldn’t stand her soft body and her smile on her face, and when I noticed her I’m kissing my lips deeply …

[Ashiya Suzuka]
Senior Suzuka who is the waitress of my part-time job “Cafe Lakeside”.
She is often admired by her surroundings as cool, but Suzuka-senpai, who is hugging a stuffed animal while shopping and working hard at a part-time job, looked very cute.
And while she was walking with me at the end of her part-time job, she shyly told her, “You always tell me you’re cute … I’m so happy.”
Gives her first kiss.
I went straight to her home and pushed Suzuka-senpai, who took a shower, to the bed …