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Reijou Caster: Ingyaku no Wana episode 1

Shiina, who was the producer of the signboard program of GUIL-TV, a TV station in Tokyo, was suddenly seconded.
Then, Okazaki, who had been hospitalized due to a serious illness, recovered and returned as a producer. It’s an ostensibly gorgeous TV station, but a gruesome trap set up there …

Power struggle within the TV station and XX training prostitution organization. Everywhere is the stage of training. News programs are being broadcast, public programs are being broadcast, etc … Beautiful casters, new announcers, and new idols fall into the trap of ○○ one after another. Pleasure and sexual ○○ … However, there was a man who confronted a huge prostitution organization that ate in the TV station.

Is it possible to help the beautiful casters captured in the world of training and the world of darkness that continues
endlessly, who is the boss of the huge prostitution organization, the fate of a man who confronts alone … ..