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School I Tsuujouban episode 1

The azure sea in front of you, the green mountains in the background, and the school on the verge of being closed in the countryside of Misaki Village, which has only nature.
There are only four students in the old wooden two-story school building on the plateau.
The only male student among them, Kota Kamisaki. The biggest rival stands in front of his childhood friends Ai, Louis, and Hitomi.
It has a boyish and slender body, and is a female teacher of a bitch sex demon. The three loves who were in a hurry to know that they were using the hero as a toy tempted us and approached us no matter where they were!
Will Kota be captivated by the teacher because of the charm of an adult … What is his friendship with his childhood friend? The school life in a peaceful village turned into a dispute over the bloody love of young people.