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Sexual Pursuit episode 2

A free sample board game that was said to “make friends with the people who played”. It was an erotic sugoroku with mysterious ○○ power! Yuji and her mother Aoi are entwined violently in Yuji’s room … “Stop! Stop! Yuji! …” My sister Yuri who was watching cries …! Yuri who jumped up suddenly. “It’s this dream again!” Yuri, who sweats her night sweats, takes a shower. Then, Yuri’s legs open naturally, and she puts a shower on her crotch and strokes her crotch with her fingers. “Ah, no! Pee out, out, out …” Yuri urinates and greets her climax. “Why is this happening … What happened after Yuji brought that Sugoroku!” And when he entered Yuji’s room, the Sugoroku card was lying on the floor. When I picked up the card, I trembled in a trap. The card said “masturbation”. The wincest game that doesn’t stop once it starts has started again!
* The main characters of this work are adopted