Shakuen no Eris episode 1

Hero, Ellis Violet of Burning Flames!
It is a beautiful girl dressed in bright red armor who wields a sword wrapped in flames that cuts the attacking demons in half.
The beautiful girl with delicate limbs but fresh and dignified was the only strongest beautiful girl hero in the country ….
The beautiful face of the beautiful girl hero is a grotesque monster that sticks to her.
Ellis , who was captured in the devil’s laboratory, was stuck in a chain at the laboratory of the demons, and was stuck with demons just as if it was mentally polluted, and continued to be invaded from inside the brain. It was supposed to continue forever, but …normally, Ellis, who desperately escaped from the hell, managed to escape from the hell without missing the chance of a demon who was as alert as a deceased person , but … was carved into her limbs. It was … a sensitive flesh that always ached …
Ellis desperately tried to hide what went wrong, but her body affected her work as a brave man. In order to apply for a long vacation unavoidably …
Kiryu, the boss who reports the reason obediently, proposes instead of accepting the application of the beautiful girl hero … from the only strongest hero … It was to become a blower pig …

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