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Toriko Hime: Hakudaku Mamire no Reijou episode 2

Shizuru Minase is raped by dozens of prisoners every day in prison, and her body ragged.
It was Sakura Saotome, who was in the same situation, and Lena, who cares for herself, that supported her heart that was about to break.

Around that time, Shizuru’s best friends, Horai Himeno and Inui Ayane, found out that Tsuruma Consulting was suspicious while conducting their own investigations.
However, Tsuruma Gunji appears there and tells them that they are also suspected of being accomplices to Shizuru, and they are put under house arrest in the same facility as Shizuru.
With the help of Lena and Sakura, the static flow resumes, and she tries to escape them even at the expense of herself, but they also say that they will help to ease the burden of her static flow.
Lena lets Himeno and Ayane take the place of static flow to try the words, and Lena, who has determined their determination, proposes a plan to jailbreak the four at the prisoner’s welcome party.
However, in order to do so, someone needs to be sacrificed at the welcome party.

Behind the scenes where Shizuru and Sakura were sacrificed and violently ○○, Himeno and Ayane were preparing to escape.
And the welcome party is over, and Lena takes action.
However, unfortunately, the warlords appeared in front of the still currents with their guns in their hands …