Tsuma o Dousoukai ni Ikasetara episode 1


So, Yuri found herself in this nostalgic shindig with her former classmates. Yuri, being the diligent and high-achieving student she was, probably had her mind racing with excitement and nerves. And then there’s Tatsuhiko, her ex-boyfriend, the mischievous troublemaker. This guy was known for his carefree attitude and wild antics back in the day. It seems like not much has changed for him, huh? As the evening goes on and the drinks start flowin’, things start getting real loose. Yuri’s probably watching Tatsuhiko go all out in the sake department, no holds barred. This reckless behavior ain’t sittin’ too well with her, even though she knows damn well she won’t let him touch her. Yuri can’t bear the thought of leaving Tatsuhiko alone in his that state, so she decides to lend him a hand. They head towards the restroom, and once inside, Tatsuhiko locks the door. The tension buildin’ up, knowin’ what kinda situation they’re about to find themselves in.