The Hills Have Size episode 1


Ryoji Matsubara, a college student who attends a university in a certain local city, lived alone in an apartment, but there is also a house of his uncle’s family nearby, and at the end of the month when living expenses become difficult, he often goes out to eat and his brother and sister Mio. As I watched my study, I continued to have a relatively close relationship with my relatives.

Ryoji was also a reliable figure for Mio and her wife Kasumi, as his uncle was busy flying around the country.

One day, a burglary incident occurred, and he was offered to withdraw his current apartment and stay at his own house. As recommended by Kasumi and Mio, he will enter the boarding house.

Ryoji, who had a faint admiration for Kasumi, indulges in various delusions. In this way, a strange communal life with his married woman Kasumi and Mio began, and Kasumi’s younger sister Harumi was also entwined, and although there was a faint expectation, it was a complicated feeling.