Aisai Nikki episode 1

Young, beautiful, kind, chaste … Sanae, a proud wife who envy everyone.
A mediocre and happy life to send with such a wife.
However, she has been married for four years. Her husband, who became frightened at the bottom of his heart as to whether he was the right man for his wife who was too perfect, suffered from psychogenic erectile dysfunction.
A wife who continues to love her husband without swearing that she has no night life.
Contrary to his wife’s affection, her husband’s anxiety accelerates, but one day, a ridiculous idea comes to her mind.“I think I should let someone other than myself hold my wife and eliminate her sexual desire.” Oneday, my husband imagined that his beloved wife was held by someone other than himself and panted, and he believed it. I realize that I am so excited that I am not.
And the husband makes a request to his subordinates who are constantly rumored to be women.