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Like Mother Like Daughter episode 2

Rio who stays in his room and does not come out. I do not answer the call of Hiroki who is worried. However, other family members do not seem to care much about Rio’s appearance, and their daily lives are carried out.
To such a family, Yuki said, “What, everyone. I’m supposed to be a family …” Yukiko is listening to Yuki. “Hey, Hiroki. Mom, did you understand why Rio was withdrawn?” “What, mom.” “I’m sure. Rio was surprised to see the 3P scene with her husband and father-in-law. While saying so, Yukiko points to Hiroki’s crotch. The two of them meet violently, forgetting that they are in front of Rio’s room.
The next day, Rio rushes to the place where Yukiko is alone. Yukiko hugged Rio and said, “She loves Rio so much.” Yukiko Torio goes to lesbian play.