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Maid in Heaven SuperS episode 1

I want my own maid. The hero who lives in an apartment built in a corner of a big city while having a grand dream. However, in a dreadful apartment life, I couldn’t hire a maid, and I had no choice but to dream as a dream at night. But I don’t know what will happen in my life. One day, a pretty maid comes to the hero. She is a childhood friend who is 5 years younger than the main character. When she was little, she believed in the protagonist’s words, “I like maids!”, And she became a fine maid and reappeared in front of the protagonist. And she begs her to be the maid of her hero. The hero who easily accepted her easy and opportunistic development and started her dream life. Well, when it comes to what they do at night … it was just naughty! !!