Bokura no Sex episode 1


“Summer heat haze” Summer
when cumulonimbus clouds spread all over the sky.
There are only two people in the pool, Takeshi and Natsukari, a guard.
The purpose of Takeshi going to the pool every day was because he wanted to meet Natsukari.
That day, Kaori cut her long hair and her eyes were hollow and her swimsuit was different from last week.
Takeshi was excited to see her Natsukari’s swimsuit as her exposure increased.
Two people who suddenly rain and return to the changing room.
Takeshi is held by Natsukari and when her crotch is tossed, she shoots as it is.
Natsukari sees such Takeshi and wants to make her feel good with her lovely body, so she takes off her swimsuit covered with her semen.

“Visit to the Spider’s Web (Part 1)”
Saori visited the home visit of Koichi Jinome.
She greeted her father, Yumeichiro Jinome, a bonder, and Koichi, a student and apprentice.
Saori is surprised at the interior of the room that was passed through. There are chairs made of tied up humans, tables, figurines …
Koichi, who is a trainee, sits down and begs for Saori’s body to be tied up. Saori who loses her enthusiasm and presents her body.
Saori notices the changes in her body every time her rope is tightened one by one.
Her face, which was distorted by her pain, gradually rose .