Bokura no Sex episode 2


“Showa Cicadas”
Boys gathering in a corner of the precincts where the cicadas reverberate.
Looking at the erotic book that had been thrown away, I was curious and excited about the female body.
Akio’s older sister (Tomoko) who was there suddenly came to call.
Boys who are impatient for a moment.
The next day, when Shinpei arrived at the precincts to see the continuation of yesterday in a hurry, there was a child who groped his crotch with his hand.
Shinpei, a virgin, couldn’t hide her excitement from Tomoko’s naked body, and left herself to herself.

“Visit to the Spider’s Nest (Part 2)”
Saori visits her home the next day, but she can’t forget her pleasure of being tightened by her rope, and she is tied up again in a devious appearance. ..
She is tied up with crossed legs, raccoon dogs, M-shaped spread legs, tied up with a rope, human vase, tied up with a tortoise shell.
Yumeichiro Jinome, his father and teacher, goes out, but Koichi’s gem that remains stands up and pierces the teacher Saori Sato, who remains tied up, many times.
And Saori went to her home visit the next day.