Choisuji episode 1


On a sunny Sunday afternoon, at school, the teacher on duty sees Moe, almost naked, in an undershirt that waters the flowerbed and only low-leg pants. Apparently the shower at the end of the hose broke and the clothes got wet and dried. When Moe, who had finished sprinkling water, tried to stop the faucet, she fell and the teacher got soaked, and eventually the two of them dried their clothes.
The teacher simply answered the difficult problem of starting a playmate with the hand puppet of the mascot “Morisuke” of the World Exposition, in order to please Moe, who loves plants and is looking forward to the Earth Expo scheduled to go to the summer vacation. It has been done. Morriske (sensei), who caused mischief to Moe, asks, “Do you know how humans and animals can grow?” Morriske (sensei) started teaching H to Moe who answered “I don’t know”.