Dorei Usagi to Anthony The Animation episode 1


“In the classroom during the “Gosh Mega”
break. In front of Hiroto Maejima, female students are shyly exposing their nakedness.
Thanks to the strange glasses “Goshmega” produced by the transfer student Charlotte Hatsune.
Charlotte is a mysterious girl with a moving rabbit stuffed animal, Anthony, and she says “I can read people’s hearts”, and she sucks Hiroto’s cock in the classroom!

Charlotte invites Hiroto at the landing of the stairs leading to the rooftop.
Charlotte, who can read the human heart, invites Hiroto in the naughty pose that Hiroto wants.
Hiroto irresistibly sucks on Charlotte’s dick.
Charlotte kisses such Hiroto. Give her a drug “Shasetoma” that keeps her erection and ejaculation …!?

“Mad as a March Hare”
Miho wakes up in the bed in the health room.
When she encounters Hiroto’s sex, her body burns and she begins to masturbate unintentionally.
Miho who is abnormally excited and spree even though it is her first masturbation.
Hiroto arrives there, but she begs for sex rather than being ashamed !?