Hajimete no Hitozuma episode 5


One week before final exams, Fujimaki found himself with a lot of free time a week before his final exams as his girlfriend had left for a study camp with her club members. When he was about to go home alone, he unexpectedly met her, with whom he had previously engaged in sexual activities while discussing his relationship with his girlfriend. Kawai, who was likely to fail her exams, invited Fujimaki to her home to teach her. However, her love for sex caused her to prioritize sexual activities over studying. The next day, while waiting for Kawai to return from work, Fujimaki found Kawai’s mother to be arousing due to her physical touch and intimacy, which was similar to Kawai’s. Kawai’s mother then showed Fujimaki her breasts as a form of gratitude for tutoring her daughter.