Hajimete no Hitozuma episode 6


Yuko was seriously worried ’bout her son, Masanobu, man. Dude would come home all beat up, and she couldn’t help but worried. But Masanobu, that little troublemaker, never spilled the beans about why he was getting into all these scrapes. Yuko felt straight-up powerless, unable to have her boy’s back when he needed her most. It was hella frustrating. Then one day, this classmate named Togawa rolls up. He spills the tea to Yuko that Masanobu was getting bullied, just like him. Yuko was overwhelmed by her own emotions, but she decided to lend an ear and offer her assistance to Togawa, who was clearly troubled. Togawa hesitated for a sec, but eventually spilled the beans that he thought he was the cause of all the drama. Yuko was taken aback, but she wasn’t about to back down. She looked at Togawa, her heart pounding with a mix of compassion and desire. She was ready to give him some mad love and lift his spirits, showing him he wasn’t alone in this crazy-ass journey.