Humiliated Wives episode 2


Shigeki Kagami, a demon loan shark who mercilessly collects debt repayments. Married women caught in the trap “humiliation wife”! Akiko, a wife who raises and lowers her head in addition to her husband’s thing at her husband’s bed in the hospital. Kagami calls such Akiko to the hospital toilet. “Ah, no … such a dirty cousin …” Kagami continues to blame regardless. Akiko who has already exceeded the limit and finally breaks. “More … please do everything there and below!” Madoka “boring …” watching her foolery on the monitor in the director’s office.
This time, the basement of Kagami’s company. Akiko is thoroughly beaten by two men. “Please … more, more, please …!” Then Mai, her daughter who worries about her mother, came to help …