Oni Chichi: Re-born episode 1

Well, I said that this guy is definitely not good, but my sister … When I thought about a hot spring trip together, I suddenly said “I’m going late”. It’s a day late, so until then, I’m with a perverted father … I’m not kidding. I haven’t forgiven Airi yet … My sister told me to get along quickly, but I don’t know. Go somewhere like this … When I looked at the scenery from the train window with a downer face, I suddenly started to get candy. Nihera laughs amiably. I ate it because I didn’t have any luck, but … I’m undoubtedly bad at saying

Airi … Hmm. You can play around with it as you like and rub it with her toes! In addition, if you can’t stand the toilet, take it to the toilet with a princess in your arms … Well, maybe there’s a nice toco, but when you think about it, you’re forced to enter this small private room with Airi. Let me, and then push it up violently with a perverted daddy stick ……… I can’t help even if I resist this …I don’t know why, what’s this guy …

When I arrived at the hot spring town, I thought that I would feel refreshed, but after all this guy was a waste …
I can’t help it until my sister comes, so I’m alone … In the end, that kind of thing … Noyo, hot springs ~

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