Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki episode 1


“Young lady likes H”
Sister Reiran cancels her trip to the Caribbean Sea with her father and attacks Yusuke’s servant’s cock with footjob and blowjob.

Yusuke, who became irresistible, grabbed his arms after Reiran and pushed him up violently from below
Tatsuya, who entered the unpopular back mountain to see the fireworks and was excited by the appearance of the yukata of the ring, thrust his hand through the gap … The yukata was disturbed and the inexperienced ring showed a hard blowjob and fucking. Was it Tamaki’s long-cherished desire at the end? Loss of virginity …

“Young lady likes a bath”
Yusuke is ordered to wash Reiran in a bathing suit in the bathroom. He is forced to wash his boobs and crotch, and is ordered to clean the anal to the back with your cock …