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Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki episode 2

“I got a lot of colds with me,”
Tatsuya fell asleep with a cold. Based on the idea that if he gets excited, he sweats, Tamaki warms Tatsuya in a bathing suit and gives him medicine by mouth. However, it was an energetic agent that I brought by mistake as a cold medicine !?

“Both female doctors and nurses like swimsuits.”
Tatsuya, who fainted, woke up and found two swimsuits. The nurses (?) In their appearances !? The female doctor in a bathing suit and white robe makes the nurses give a blow and a slap for a medical examination.
When I moved to the medical examination, a female doctor straddled Tatsuya …

“The young lady likes orgy.” The
family was on a Caribbean trip, and Tamaki and Tatsuya were alone at home. Thinking so, her sister Reiran was gracefully relaxing. I had a quarrel with a buy word and a sell word, and decided to try which boyfriend was premature ejaculation.
She exchanges boyfriends with each other and fucks her as a fellatio. The maid is involved and it gets hotter and hotter …