Fault!! Service: Aratanaru Rival episode 1


After the turbulent summer vacation, the second semester has finally begun.
Shuichi, who had to go out with Ai and Mio, was overwhelmed by his enthusiastic approach.

One day, under the leadership of Reiko Date, the manager of the tennis club to which he belongs, it is decided to participate in the school festival (Fushimi Festival) to be held at the end of the month.
As a result of the slapstick, he settled down at the cosplay cafe, but Reiko declared that he would be the candidate for the president of the Student Union’s next officer election.
Shuichi, who was struck by the arrow of Shirahane, was very worried, but accepted the candidacy in the form of being pushed by all the members including Reiko.

… but that was just one part of the turmoil that hit him.
With the sudden appearance of a transfer student in Shuichi’s class, the story rolls in an unexpected direction …