Immorality episode 1


The new nursery teacher, Sayako Saeki, fascinates the boys in the school as soon as she is assigned with her neat appearance and abundant appearance. However, there were those who had an obscene and evil look that was different from the students who were innocently pleased with the birth of Madonna in her infirmary.

“Hey, that woman, isn’t she the woman who hunted at the hotel the other day?” They don’t know. Another real face of her, far from her elegant appearance at the school … “Ah, that’s okay … it feels good even though I’m a kid.”
The penis reacts eerily sensitively to the sensual limbs reminiscent of a greedy beast. Unusual excitement. Blue-smelling semen that fills the sheets. The climax of several times tonight. Two dry corpses (kids) were lying beside Sayako, who smiled with satisfaction. .. ..

The original, Kurenai Azuki’s super-dreadnought, sensual nympho thriller is now available from Milky! !!